Are niall matteer and erica cerra dating

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are niall matteer and erica cerra dating

Niall Matter was born on October 20, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Niall Matter in Primeval: New World () Erica Cerra and Niall Matter in Eureka. Main · Videos; Niall matter and erica cerra dating. Chilling harbinger lest neighbor, easily cosmopolitan rectitude, is the initial goal. But ufos are easily eager to. canadian actor niall matter Churros, Actors, Beautiful Men, Movies, Guys, Celebrities .. Erica Cerra and Niall Matter as Jo Lupo and Zane Donovan on Eureka.

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I just wanted a picture, all day. And, I got my picture, so I was happy.

are niall matteer and erica cerra dating

I follow him on Twitter and he cracks me up, all day long. Having played this character for a while now, are there things that you like best about him, and is there anything about him that you wish you could change? You get to do so many different things on this series, playing such a smart guy, doing some of the physical work and getting to have a love interest.

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Is there any particular aspect that you enjoy most, or is it fun to get the variety? I love all the variety that the character Zane requires, but the most challenging thing for me was playing with his intellect. I worked in an oil field, and stuff like that.

are niall matteer and erica cerra dating

So, I found myself having to rediscover my bigger muscle, which is my brain, in working through the dialogue. I came in wanting certain things, and I was going to voice them, but then, all of a sudden, there they were in the scripts. So, to have the support of sci-fi fans is one of the most incredible feelings that an actor can actually ever experience in his career. There are still a lot of haters out there that hate Zane, but I like people to hate Zane.

How much fun was it to guest star on Warehouse 13, and get to work with Erica Cerra, in that capacity? I had a blast doing that. They were very different characters, but we were still working off of each other, which is nice because we have that rapport.

I really hope that I can get over to Toronto, at some point, and guest star with those guys. I want to do a full-blown comedy. His quad muscle had been detached from his femur, and he nearly lost his right leg.

It took six months for him to be fully rehabilitated, having to go through extensive physio therapy to fully regain his ability to walk. This convinced him that it was time to move on, so he quit, returning to Vancouver, where he lied his way into a bar tending job before landing his first acting role.

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While filming Loch Ness he sent an audition tape to the producers of The Best Years which lead to him gaining the main cast role of bar tender, and cocaine addict, Trent Hamilton in the series first season. He subsequently auditioned for the Syfy series Eureka.

By his own admission, Matter took risks in the audition, playing the character as more flirtatious than he was written. The character would go on to develop a romantic relationship with the town's Deputy Sheriff Jo Lupo played by Erica Cerra. His role was recurring throughout seasons two and three. Season four saw a soft reboot of the show - following a time traveling incident, the characters return to an alternate timeline, with character dynamics and relationships shifting.

are niall matteer and erica cerra dating

This led to Matter's role as Zane being expanded as he became part of the main cast, which continued through to the show's fifth and final season. Holly Marten Felicia Day and Dr. Isaac Parrish Wil Wheaton are confined together in a small space as part of their testing for the Astraeus mission. Much to their chagrin, they discover Zane hiding in a closet.

are niall matteer and erica cerra dating

Shooting this particular episode was a double-edged sword for Matter. I felt like I was getting squished, which is not a terribly comfortable feeling.

are niall matteer and erica cerra dating

I enjoyed getting to go back and play more of the annoying, snarky Zane, but for a purpose. He was there as part of the test and I knew it was building up to that reveal.

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I love that man. He cracks me up all the time, but the particular scene that cracked me up was when the mite dropped on his head. We did that so many times and every single time he did it in a totally different way and with a totally different girly scream.