Clare crawley and zack kalter dating


clare crawley and zack kalter dating

But one I just can't forget is Clare Crawley. She made her She had been dating Zack Kalter for a minute, but it wasn't serious. On Bachelor In. The first season of Bachelor in Paradise premiered on August 4, , a week after season ten Zack Kalter, 29, Book Publisher, Los Angeles, CA · The Bachelorette – Desiree, Week 2, Split Week 7 . Zack's Date: Zack showed up with a date card and took Clare to the city to explore, then went swimming in the ocean. Social media is really a blessing and a curse for Bachelor producers. On one hand, it allows their franchise contestants to better promote.

I had met a few of them previously and I definitely had some initial attractions to those three, and fortunately they were here and I got to meet them.

I came in with one hope and that was that I would meet one specific person and that was Graham…coming in, I just really wanted to meet him…and hopefully have a summer love with him. We've talked a few times, but there were just so many great things that everybody had said about him. It takes a lot for me to really like someone and pursue them on my own without being pursued back. This was a little different. It was me knowing I was coming here for someone and you can't keep that quiet in this environment.

It gets found out pretty quickly! I didn't know any of the girls coming here, honestly. Like, I knew a couple But for the most part, I really didn't any anybody, any of the guys or girls.

There were several guys I was open to getting to know and were my type looks-wise: I was open and I really wanted to get to know all them. And lucky for me, they were all here! And they're all so cute and good-looking.

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Everyone here is great so they all deserve love. Sarah was pretty upset about this. Jackie showed up with a date card. She decided to take Marquel as well for his second date this week. Danielle and Michelle were a little upset about this.

They went the Campeche Mexico and explored.

Did Clare Crawley Just Spoil Her Bachelor in Paradise Ending?

They shared a kiss after Marquel and Jackie both said they don't usually kiss on the first date. Sarah and the others expressed their concern to Elise about being careful with Chris and not getting too serious too fast. Ashlee asked Graham to go on her date with her. They went to dinner. AshLee started talking about living together and Graham asked her to not put pressure on forever anymore. They got a card from Chris Harrison with two room keys. Graham wanted to use both rooms, but Ashlee wanted to share a room.

They ended up using both rooms. Graham gave his rose to Ashlee. Zack gave his rose to Clare. Marcus gave his rose to Lacy. Marquel gave his rose to Jackie. Robert gave his rose to Sarah. Chris asked Elise to come forward. He told Elise that he could not give her the rose, because he had decided to leave the show due to his knee injury.

Instead, he asked Elise to leave along with him so they could continue to pursue their relationship back home, and she accepted. Chris decided to give his rose to Michelle so she could continue her journey of true love.

Episode 4[ edit ] Airdate: August 25, Robert: Robert gets the first date and decides to take Sarah.

clare crawley and zack kalter dating

They go sailing and swimming in the ocean. Cody arrived with a date card. He asks Clare, but she decided to pass on the date because of Zack. Cody then decided to pass it to his friend Marcus, so he could have more time to get to know the people in the house. Many of the women thought that was a very nice gesture. Kalon arrived with a date card. He asked Michelle and she accepted, but then she cancelled on him. He asked a few other girls, but none of the women would go out with him recalling how badly he had upset Emily Maynard in The Bachelorette season 8.

Feeling certain that he would be eliminated later at the Rose Ceremony, he decided to go by himself and enjoy it rather than pass the card, creating the show's first "one on none" date.

Jesse shows up with a date card and he invites Jackie to go out with him. She accepts and Marquel is kind of upset.

clare crawley and zack kalter dating

They go to an ancient Mayan Cave. The date is a little awkward at first, but gets better toward the end. Word got back to Clare and she confronted AshLee about it. Michelle informed Graham about the situation right before the Rose Ceremony began.

Graham started to have second thoughts about AshLee.

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Lacy gives her rose to Marcus. Clare gives her rose to Zack. AshLee asked Graham to come forward. At that point Graham turned and left the room. Michelle followed after him. AshLee continued to stand in the Rose Ceremony room and did not follow Graham. After seeing a medic, Graham returned and accepted the rose from AshLee. Then Lacy became ill and departed in an ambulance, accompanied by Marcus. The rose ceremony continued. Michelle gave her rose to Cody. Sarah gave her rose to Robert.

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Zack Kalter?

Jackie gave her rose to Jesse. Kalon and Marquel were eliminated at the Rose Ceremony.

clare crawley and zack kalter dating

Episode 5[ edit ] Airdate: August 26, Christy: Christy shows up with a date card and asks Zack to go with her, but he turns her down. Christy then asks Jesse to join her on the date. They go shopping in Mexico. Lacy and Marcus return from the hospital.

Sarah got a date card and asked Robert to join her. They go out to dinner and go swimming. They share a kiss. Clare was still upset about the disrespectful comments from AshLee.

She came to Zack to let him know that she had decided to quit. Lucy arrived with a date card. She asked Jesse out and they went to some ruins. Michelle asked Cody out and they had their 'engagement' photos taken on the beach, even though it was their first date. She asked Graham out and they drove sports cars on a road course.


Christy began to feel insecure about her status with Jesse. She spoke to him and was reassured. They started to make out in private and were joined by Lucy. Sarah accepts Robert's rose.

AshLee accepts Graham's rose. Cody gives his rose to Michelle.