Denise ho and joey yung dating

Denise Ho has more to say: aiyatheydidnt

denise ho and joey yung dating

Why did Joey Yung and Denise Ho's 5 year relationship end? Joey and Denise never publicly admitted that they dated each other. Oriental. Joey Yung sparks reconciliation rumours with Denise Ho friends, they were rumoured to be dating prior to Joey's relationship with Wilfred. The day before, Denise Ho (Hocc) was promoting for her new song No Face Man (無臉人) on the radio station. When asked if close friend Joey Yung is bisexual ? After all, I only started dating after I entered the industry.

Wilfred was present, while Denise rushed to the party after a music performance in Guangzhou. Allegedly, Denise did not arrive at the birthday party until 2 AM.

When Denise walked in, a drunk Joey told Denise that she and Wilfred were now dating. Meanwhile, Wilfred continued to party wildly with the other guests. After this version of the story circulated, fans were quick to blast Wilfred as a liar.

denise ho and joey yung dating

He had initially claimed that he told Denise about dating Joey, yet it was actually Joey who had announced the hurtful news to Denise. Wilfred had only made such a statement in order to fully stand behind Joey. If these things repeat themselves again, then I can only admit that I am too stupid!

Denise has since stopped following Joey and Wilfred on Instagram, although she did not discontinue following them on Weibo yet. There is nothing worthwhile to say anymore. Life just goes on. Let us focus our attention on the truly important things.

Thank you everyone for your concern.

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I will share your love once again. There is a bright road ahead.

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Ho indicated that gains and losses were tests in life. A loss may be a blessing in disguise. Many fans rallied to support Denise as well, in which Denise immediately blew kisses in return. Joey and Wilfred Able to Bridge Distance? Some fans urged Joey to be cautious towards Wilfred and not trust him so easily. At the same time, rumors claimed that Joey still loved Denise and has not emotionally detached herself from their former relationship.

Joey Yung and Denise Ho Lovers or Friends Broke Up | De De Tillman Kpop/Kdrama Archives

Director Heison Ng was rumored to be intensely pursuing Joey earlier this year. The pair often exchanged playful messages online. When the scent is gone, you will wipe and toss it aside.

denise ho and joey yung dating

It is as if the tissue never existed! Joey is expected to make a comment about her new romance at a TVB music recording later today.

denise ho and joey yung dating

Apple Daily via ihktv. This article is written for JayneStars. I think its best to rid these two out of her life for good. BTW Sport - Whats that "thousand crane" song about? I don't understand manderin angel Yikes Pretty much I explained to many times already but i'll mention again.

We know this because Khalil's mentioned the "true story" in Cantonese during his performance for Metro Radio concert. The true story is about a "girl" waited for "someone" for 7 years to see if there's a chance to be together with someone. Then finally she got together with the one she loved and they were together for 4 years. I think Khalil messed up because he said they've been "married" for four years. Do note that Khalil said he knew a girl or friend.

denise ho and joey yung dating

But later on in another performance clip he clarifies that he doesn't know that girl very well and she's a friend's friend maybe Hins or Fiona? So they are in fact acquaintances and that's probably how he found out about the GC relationship from his friend, whoever that may be. Also Denise has sang Khalil's song before, it was a demo that was circulated and written before his debut.

Denise Ho has more to say

She kept it for a while before using. When Khalil found out he tailor made another one for her but she liked the previous one better. One time during Vote Pulling event, the one where JY had that christmas tree sweater and Denise help her take it off and put it back on. Denise kept chatting with Khalil about something. If I can assume, it might be Denise asking Khalil asking when he can write a song for JY since she really likes his songs and JY already asked beforehand.

This time from the lyrics especially the Rap portion it's mainly focused on Denise's perspective again. How last time she would wait but this time she's learn that when one leaves her, she shouldn't wait and should move on.