Gavin and meg dating the count

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gavin and meg dating the count

Gavin Free and Meg Turney attend the 4th Annual Streamy Awards Austin Police Department and the Travis County Medical Examiner's. These five facts will give you all the details about internet perpsonality Meg Turney, Her eponymous account on Instagram has amassed over , following and still counting. It is a known fact that Meg Turney helped Gavin with his lines for the movie titled Turney previously dated Kevin Pereira from to @GavinFree. 30 year old bloke from England living in Texas. Creator of The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube and Director of Chaos @Roosterteeth.

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The things that Gavin's good at, he's great at. For instance, he's likely number one in Minecraft mechanical knowledge since Lava Wall revealed that he's the only one on the crew who knows how to make a TNT Cannon. It's just he's pretty bad at everything else and his general stupidity and lack of common sense get in the way of him making the best use of his knowledge.

Said TNT Cannon would have worked if he hadn't told Ray to press his button too early, resulting in the whole thing literally blowing up in their faces.

Gavin's reputation isn't helped by having problems properly verbalizing his thoughts and a tendency to panic under pressure.

About half of his stupid "Gavin or Google" questions are in fact based on a legitimate or even intelligent thought process, but the strange way he states the question makes it seem idiotic. YMMV on any of Gavin's inquiries being intelligent, since his reasons for asking generally betray that he hasn't thought about the question for more than half of a second. Alternatively, it's the Lets Play where Gavin's status as a ditz becomes more obvious.

He frequently needs instructions repeated to him or the games instructions explained because he wasn't paying attention.

gavin and meg dating the count

In Worms he'll formulate a strategy to get near his opponents and drop an explosive, only to panic seconds later and jump to his death when he realizes he hadn't thought past the "dropping a live explosive" part. Does Not Like Guns: He's mentioned this a few times, which is part of the reason that Dan handles them in videos that, and Dan is far more qualified than him to be near them.

Gavin's performance in GTA and other driving games in a nutshell.

Meg Turney

As per usual, it's impossible to tell how much he's screwing up intentionally and how much is genuine incompetence at driving or piloting. Considering that he actually does not have a driver's license and cannot drive in real life, it apparently translates into this in-game. Anything he does during their Let's Play of Worms and its sequels. Mostly when it involves accidentally killing his own guys, or his ridiculous attempts at trying to kill the other guys.

In Let's Play Minecraft episode 17, he ran back to Achievement City, grabbed iron armor and an iron sword, and hid inside Geoff's house, waiting for Geoff to show up. As Geoff walked up to his diamond block, with the Tower of Pimps in hand, Gavin opened the door Geoff stacked the tower and won the round, then killed him with a diamond sword.

He used bone meal to grow a red mushroom. Once it grew, it trapped him inside, and he took damage from it. When Ray turned Gavin's Tower of Pimps into a giant upside-down L, Gavin tried to reform it back to a straight tower, but he accidentally puts the last block on the wall two blocks away.

Several times Ray runs over to revive him and he dies a few seconds later. He went to the edge of the mushroom stack in Let's Play Minecraft episode 35, wordlessly taunting Jack into punching him or falling off the mushroom.

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Gavin has just given Ray the victory! Which he had little experience in and Ray had prestiged six times. Episode 13 of VS with a return to the Olympics game Because apparently he forgot the last time they played the game Ray broke the world record at that event. His complete inability to drive tends to screw over his teammatesor at least anyone trying to ride with him. Case in point, driving the speed boat onto land during Part 3 of Cops 'n Crooks, immediately trapping the getaway car at the start of a round by launching it off a ramp onto a lower ledge in the same episodecrashing the team's helicopter trying to collect Michael in the Co-Op mode, etc.

It's either the respective episode's Funny Momentsor fuel for his Hatedom.

gavin and meg dating the count

Most Dangerous Game [1] features an astonishingly hilarious one, wherein Gavin gets a turn as the prey with immediate access to a car while the rest of the gang is stuck in the marshes The crew couldn't believe it.

Then the other guys had to explain the question to him, because he still didn't get it. In Let's Play Trivial Pursuit, the guys had to guess how many wives Henry VIII had - the answer six is fairly common knowledge to British people and Gavin immediately gets smug and gloats about he'd get the right answer because, quote, "it's my country".

Looks like you don't know your own country, Bitch! The other five in the video are absolutely incredulous. Even the Guys Want Him: According to the forums anyway, most of them would have a go.

And his hair looks incredibly soft". Lindsay said in an episode of Internet Box that while most people might be worried about their girlfriends going off with Gavin, she has to worry about Michael doing it.

He's also mentioned that "I never get attention like that unless it's from dudes" during one story where he caught the eye of a male TV chef.

He's a troll, but he'll never break the rules. Also, even though he's by far the most guilty of Video Game Cruelty Potential out of everyone, even he disapproves of Ryan's treatment of Edgar.

Plays this role in a lot of early Let's Play videos from Achievement Hunter. He has toned this down significantly to the point that it only shows up once in a while, due to Achievement Hunter videos finding their comedic feet, Fallen Hero: He lets him return during RTX '13, but on a temporary basis.

He then restores his membership, explaining the ban was temporary. Because of his weird yet creative personality and status as Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter's resident Butt-Monkeyanything he's said and done as become a meme within the fandom as well becoming part of The Merch. He's shown to be very skilled with a bow in Minecraft, but that doesn't detract from his goofy personality.

Friend to All Living Things: There's also a video in existence of him trying to save a pigeon from Lloyd, and he adopted three cats of his own: Smee, Columbo, and Ziggy. Everyone, himself includedhave made tons of jokes about his nose, and animated forms of him tend to exaggerate it. A RTAA was even made about it and he once wore a costume of it. Geoff even has a to-scale Mark of Shame of Gavin's nose on his leg because Geoff lost the Schooled bet to him.

I like how his nose is so big, he doesn't even fall on his face, he falls on his nose. That being said, when Jack manages to get crushed by Gavin as quarterback in the Super Bowl special Took a Level in Badass: Until the final few minutes, that is, where he clinches the win for his team with a yard pass, a yard pass, a 30 yard touchdown pass and a yard running touchdown handed off to Ray.

And then there's his performance in Wormswhere his ridiculous strategies, poor use of controls, or just bad luck end with him killing most of his own worms while doing minimal damage to his intended targets.

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He has a tendency to remove himself from the Minecraft map so he can't be found. Episode 23 really hammers home his expertise at Minecraft in general. Instead of running blindly like the others, Gavin constantly looks over his shoulders and changes direction almost on a fly, to avoid mobs and to find the other guys so he could hack at them from behind. In that same episode, Jack was trying to pour lava on Gavin as payback for killing him so early.

Gavin uses the lava as a light source for the night. In fact, the new light spawned chicken all over lava; Gavin quickly killed them and took their meat for him to replenish his hunger and keep his health intact. He kills every sheep that he steals wool from, partly because he wants to and partly because he knows sheep regrow wool, which deniess the others guys a chance to get wool.

gavin and meg dating the count

Let's Play Minecraft episode 36, everybody spawns out of the same Nether Portal. Gavin takes the time to mine the Obsidian blocks which deactivates the portalso he can return to the Overworld with Michael. Let's Play Minecraft episode 43, as well. Gavin is the first to realize that jumping into spider webs allows you to deal constant critical hits to his opponents, giving him several wins before they're torn down.

Way back in Worms Part 2, his last worm took a health crate that granted 25 more health points to his It allowed him to take two explosions, one from dynamite and another from Johnboy exploding upon dying.

gavin and meg dating the count

Even with the help of Kerry, he is never found despite the fact that Kerry was on top of Gavin. He admits he used "the Jack tactic" and that having a Creeper skin helped him camouflage with the leaves. Episode 90 of Let's Play Minecraft ends with Gavin taking advantage of Kerry killing Ray by ambushing him before he has a chance to recover. Play Pals 8 where he and Michael played Five Nights at Freddy's, Gavin continually expressed worry about the duck which sure enough started moving after a while and also told Michael off for only watching the bottom corridors rather than checking on the animatronics often.

gavin and meg dating the count

Supplemented with a bit of Genre Blindness from both of them though, since they ignored the phone calls which act as a tutorial. Gosh Dang It to Heck!

Easily the least foul-mouthed of the Hunters, primarily because he limits himself to "minor" curses damn, arse, etc and uses made up words in the place of the "major" curses his coworkers are fond of using. He's been subject to quite a few painful ones, and it's one of the few injuries that he does not take as amusing. He's surprisingly cool with Barbara swinging an oar into his crotcheven though he's had surgery to his testicles and thus they might get smashed from further damage.

Got Me Doing It: The originator of this occasionally; listen for random British slang creeping into the other guys' comments here and there. He's also the one who started saying "bunce", "gubbins", and other words that were ridiculed but have since become Achievement Hunter vernacular.

The rest of Achievement Hunter has a really hard time putting up with him at his worst; as such he's Vitriolic Best Buds with pretty much everyone there. He's become the de facto Dick Dastardly of the competitive Let's Play Minecraft episodes, primarily due to bad sportsmanship and all-around underhandedness. It's gotten to the point where the other members consider Gavin winning to be the only thing worse than not winning themselves. Given that his skin is the Creeper, it makes perfect sense.

Michael and Ray continuously refer to him as the best teammate of the other team, because of how much of a Wild Card he tends to be, and they decided to temporarily kick him out of the Lads because of how piss-poor he was. When playing against Michael in Chopper vs. Chopper, Gavin makes it very clear that he's not all that good at flying the GTA helicopters.

Still, his inability to shoot at Michael doesn't stop him from repeatedly trying to run Michael off the road or otherwise kill him purely with the helicopter itself.

Who Is Meg Turney? 5 Facts You Need To Know About The YouTube Star

As can be seen in his ''Chopper vs. Chopper" VS Michael, anytime he's handed the controls of an aircraft it usually does not go well for him or whoever is unfortunate enough to be inside the helicopter.

She is of American nationality while her ethnicity is not known. Her body build is on the voluptuous side with general statistics of inches. Cosplaying The famous YouTuber got introduced to the cosplaying and anime conventions when a friend invited her to Ushicon 1. It was really tough but despite that, she was as happy as a clam. Since her debut, she has earned a lot of recognition for her cosplaying, Meg has been described by Gamer Headlines as being popular for her high-quality cosplay as well as her saucy lingerie photos.

Some of he cosplays like Psycho, Princess Leia, and Faye Valentine have been commended by several online publications. Her personality as a cosplayer earned her an appearance on Heroes of Cosplay — a Syfy series. The Fan Expo Vancouver edition featured her as a special guest. Sexual Orientation Meg has openly spoken about her sexual preferences with her audiences, according to the social media personality, she is bisexual. She further discussed her sexuality with VlogBrother via a YouTube Video, talking about how she faced a lot of teasing because of her sexual orientation which she has never been ashamed to bring to the fore.

Meg and Gavin image source Currently, Meg is in a romantic relationship with English actor, director, cinematographer and internet personality Gavin Free. Gavin is best known as the creative director of both Rooster Teeth, Relocated and Red vs Blue season 7.