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Then you have Nick Fadden who's kind of just seems to have been I think together in a relationship they just work. Can you tell us or give us a little clue about what might be happening between Nick's long term crush with Jane? She was kind of hobbling around and so, Nick (Roux) would do this too. Nick Roux and I have stayed very close friends. ideas and we really vibed and from there we worked together and I did her very first music video—and it was my very . I have a few music videos that will be coming out soon. Nick Roux dating history, , , list of Nick Roux relationships. Who is he dating right now? Erica Dasher and Nick Roux were rumored to be.

He left the party with his brother while Lulu stayed. In the mid-season finale, Billy had tried to reveal his feelings toward Jane telling her "It's you, Janey" but was interrupted by Jeremy. After spending two months in juvenile detention for helping his brother try to escape the scene of a crime, Billy returned to school wanting to keep his friendship with Jane intact. He met Zoe, an apparently rebellious student, telling her he enjoyed being with someone who didn't judge him like Lulu, unaware that Zoe is wealthy herself.

He discovers the truth but still wants to be with her. He never again tries to be with Jane but Jane realizes she wants to be with him. He takes over as the lead in the school play opposite Zoe when Nick gets hurt. Rowly Dennis as Jeremy Jones, Jane's coworker and a "ladies' man". He has been shown to like Jane. He was seeing India, but later broke it off after she stole Jane's wedding gown design. When India returns as a consultant, she tells Jeremy she knows the truth and threatens to expose him unless he helps her take down Gray.

At Jane's birthday party, a drunken Jeremy confesses to Jane the truth and she walks away upset. Then Jeremy runs away when Jane threatens to tell Gray. After the death of their father, he becomes Jane's guardian. He works at Jane's high school as the assistant athletic director and is friends with the guidance counselor Rita Shaw, who he used to make fun of in high school.

He realizes his feelings for Rita on the school camping trip when he comes to odds with another teacher who has set his sights on Rita. After their mother returns Ben takes the opportunity to finally live out his lifelong dream when he is offered a minor league baseball contract. In the series finale he returns to be there for Jane and also to tell Rita that he wants to get back together. India de Beaufort as India Jourdain, the series' main antagonist and Jane's pretentious colleague.

She always tries to sabotage Jane and steal Gray's job. But many times she does show true emotion and kindness only to rebuff it with her bad attitude. In the mid-season finale, she is wrongfully accused of being the mole in Donovan Decker, and fired by Gray. She returns, now working for Harrod's department store and the firm has to impress her to win a contract.

She secretly confronts Jeremy, having realized he was the mole and threatens to expose him unless he helps her take down both Gray and Jane. Meagan Tandy as Lulu Pope, the antagonist in Jane's high school life and daughter of a judge and an It girl of the high school. She seems to like Billy, but wants to keep her relationship with him a secret. She later decides to go public with their relationship, but still feels embarrassed over their relationship. She is rather hostile towards Jane and shows jealousy of Jane and Billy's friendship.

A regular cast member in the first ten episodes, in episode "The Replacement", Tandy was demoted to recurring status. Matthew Atkinson as Nick Fadden, Jane's schoolgirl crush since the seventh grade.

He does, however seem to show interest in Jane, even going as far as to ask Billy and Ben's advice on approaching her. They then begin to date much to Billy's dismay. He and Billy become friends but their friendship and his and Jane's relationship ends when he cheats on her with Lulu Pope. While he and Lulu are dating, he still has feelings for Jane.

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He plays baseball, but he tore a shoulder ligament. I was producing, but for whatever reason Andie had this sheer blind faith in me that I could be a director. She introduced me to her daughter Rainey, who I ended up doing some music videos for. I very much credit Andie with kicking my directing career off. My question was what inspired you to work together, but you already answered that!

Is there anything you want to add? Andie just really thought that there was some sort of commonality there and she was an amazing producer. She paired two people together that got on and it ended up being successful.

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It was such a pleasure. I have directing reps. I direct all the time now. So we shot for a year—my best friend and I—on our own and then we brought on our director after we shot the movie.

You know, documentaries are very much built in the edit. We ended up with hours of footage and had to carve 90 minutes. But we were very much a part of the process every step of the way, but wanted to give appropriate credit to our editor and director because he really helped us carve that story out of that massive amount of footage.

What was your inspiration behind writing Figures of Speech?

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We were both hard-core speech kids—very nerdy. Speech camp is a step above or below band camp, depending on who you ask. It was an activity that we did throughout middle school and high school.

We went to camp and we taught and it sort of fundamentally made us who we are. The movie is very much a love letter to an activity we both did growing up.

What drew your interest to be involved in this project? I got an audition for the project and I was out of town and so I came in and I got three of the scripts in advance. I read all of three scripts and I tore through them very quickly. I really liked them so I decided to put myself on tape for it—to send an audition tape in. The character is so not me.

I like to challenge myself and so I put the audition on tape and I sent it in. The next day I got a call from the show owner and creator, SJ Hodges, and we discussed the character and I sent her another thing and then I was hired and we were shooting days later.

Everybody has a very three dimensional back story. It just seems to be such a special and relevant show right now. I think for this piece the guidance counselor is just a very unique device because they are connecting with each kid separately and they have almost an objective POV, although she becomes a little more biased over the course of the season.

She ends up being a very interesting spine for the show. High school being what it is—some people loved it, some people hated it—and I might be generalizing here—but I think the experiences in high school in particular say with them, either consciously or sub-consciously.

In the first season, Anna, played by Michelle Trachtenberg, [the high school experience] seems to affect her counseling because she was pretty scarred by it. So do you think this affects Alana as well? What are your thoughts on it—why the creators would have taken that angle? How does Alana handle things like that?

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