Jack and kim are dating fanfiction

They're On a Date?, a kickin' it fanfic | FanFiction

jack and kim are dating fanfiction

This is an ongoing story of Kim & Jack's life as they begin to bond more . the door and Brady was at the door and he looked good for our date. It is based the next day after KIOOO, they go on a date. Jack and Kim kiss a couple times and hold hands, while the gang try to find them. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Jack B., Kim C. as we're 'dating' " she says, putting quotes around dating, "I need a challenge.

The smell of pizza assaulted his nose, but Eddie forced himself to focus. He quickly found a column and hid behind it, as he started to scan the restaurant.

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Sure enough, Jack and Kim were there, with their eyes on nothing but each other. He quickly dialed the rest of the gang and set up a conference call. I'm on my way then! Eddie sighed as he ended the call, and decided to wait for the guys outside the restaurant. In a few moments, the guys showed up. Now, we just need to strategize how we're gonna do this.

We better walk around it.

jack and kim are dating fanfiction

Its right next to Jack and Kim's table, and there's a plant nearby that we can move to hide ourselves. Plus, there's a really cute chick over there, and she'll be falling for this 'playa' in no time," Eddie said. They each took a seat, and Eddie and Milton quickly moved the plant over. However, Jerry's face could still be seen, and he scrambled around.

Finally, through silent gestures, he got a menu and put it up to cover his face. She giggled, resulting in a snort coming out. She blushed and looked down. That was pretty weird. Everyone immediately became quiet, as they strained to hear what was going on.

Jack and Kim were here to finally be alone, and actually start a new relationship, but they were here spying on them. But now that they started, they couldn't stop. Jack and Kim would immediately notice them leaving, and be more than willing to kill them. She did the routine perfectly. She gave me a high five. The Next Day, Kim's P.

V I was at school, by my locker.

It was officially Valentine's day. I opened my locker and suddenly was surrounded by cards. Jack walked over, and whispered in my ear from behind, "Let me help you. I smiled at him, and replied, "Thanks Jack. V I was helping Kim out, the thought of a bunch of guys getting her valentine's day cards bothered me, but I decided to let it slide. I even saw a card signed my Jerry, and I'll make sure he pays for that. I secretly hid a card inside one, then handed them to her.

I started to walk away, but Kim stopped me. I chuckled, shook my head then replied, "No, I'm just gonna meet Milton in the cafeteria. Back to Kim's P. V I looked at all the cards, they were all kind of sappy. One actually said, Kimmy, your hot Be my valentine. I am so glad he didn't win the Charity Auction. My date with Jack, went way better than a date with him would have been. All the guys called me 'Kimmy' in their cards, even Jerry who said not to tell Jack.

Jack is the only one who is allowed to call me Kimmy, so that made me really mad. But at least they took the time to make me cards. I put the cards away But I didn't want Jack going around beating guys up. I opened my books to start studying, when I found a pretty heart shaped card inside one. I opened it and read the inside, Dear, Kim your pretty, inside and out You have a pure soul And in my life, you play a huge role If stealing your heart is a crime Please Kim, will you be my valentine?

That was amazing, it was so sweet.

Jack and Kim: A Date, a kickin' it fanfic | FanFiction

This is the only card that said 'Kim' instead of 'Kimmy' And I loved this card. I stared at it for a few more minutes, before getting up and running to the cafeteria. I swung the door open, and started yelling, "YES! Milton raised his eye brow and asked, "What happened to, 'It's not my thing?

I pulled him down and kissed him.

Milton 'awed' so Jack looked at him weirdly, then he got a look of disgust on his face, "I mean, ew, get a room guys! Well, I have history, I better get going. I started to walk away, and was suddenly met my 2 hands on my shoulders, pulling me back.

He grabbed my bag and started walking me to class. Can Jack get any sweeter? No, I don't think so. He's already too sweet. I got to class, Jack set my bag down near my desk. Whenever Jack walks me to class, he doesn't even let me touch my own bag. He was walking out but stopped when he came close to where I was standing. He kissed my cheek, and whispered, "See you free period.

V It was free period so I went to go pick Kim up, and surprise her. Suddenly they were flabbergasted. Kim had walked out in a bright pink sports bra and a pair of tiny shorts that said CHEER on the back with rhinestones. Her hair was in a messy bun on the top of her head. Jack and Jerry stared, while Milton and Eddie turned red. They hadn't seen that much of a girl's skin ever.

Jerry turned to Jack. Do you see her hickey? He had remembered the hickey he put on the edge of her hip the previous day while they were making out in his backyard. He had thought her bikini made her look gorgeous. Jerry got his mischievous look on. I don't have a hickey. Jack laughed and walked over to her. What on earth were you doing when you got that? She smacked Jack on the chest, and then realized that, "Jack, why aren't you wearing a shirt?

Besides, this is what all the cheerleaders wear when we practice. Sometimes we coordinate so that we match. Jerry gasped, "So, Kelsey wears an outfit like that every morning during practice? So does Grace and Donna and all the others. Jerry looked like he had frozen. Jack walked over to him and waved his hand in front of Jerry's face. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with Kim's, um, outfit. His face was the color of a tomato, although that may have been from the heat. I can switch with Jerry.

Does he make you uncomfortable? Its just that I've never seen that much of…girl skin before…" Milton whispered. Kim laughed and switched places with Jerry so that she was facing Jack and Jerry was facing Milton.

Jerry flipped Milton and quickly won. Milton groaned on the ground, but got up slowly. Next, it was Rudy and Eddie's turn. Eddie threw a punch which Rudy blocked, then swept a leg and knocked Eddie's feet off the ground, defeating him. They had snuck off while Rudy and Eddie were sparring. The lovebirds were currently making out in the supply closet in the back part of the dojo. I would have put it somewhere else! She smacked his bare chest, "And what was the thinking behind this, huh?

Why no shirt, I mean, not that I'm complaining or anything" she said. He shrugged, "I was really hot. And I don't like wearing a shirt in the summer. I just wanted to spend some time with my incredible beautiful girlfriend who I am totally in love with.

Then he bent down and kissed her, gathering her body close to him. The feel of her bare stomach on his hard abs sent a rush of warmth through him. She kissed him back hard. He stepped towards her, forcing her to take a step back so that her back was against the wall.

jack and kim are dating fanfiction

Her arms were pulling his head closer to hers as they continued making out. Kim quickly hid herself underneath a pile of blankets and Jack fixed his hair from the mess her fingers had caused.

They had their plan in place. Jack had decided to lie to whoever found them because Kim was an absolutely horrible liar. Jack was pretty good from lying to teachers about doing his homework. Kim couldn't even tell a white lie without twitching or turning red. Milton and Eddie turned red. Come on, let's go check. Meanwhile, Kim was in the closet, listening to the guys' conversation.

jack and kim are dating fanfiction

She heard Jack's idea and their footsteps as they left for the girl's bathroom. She crept out of the closet and walked back to the main room of the dojo.

You and Jack have to spar! Actually, let's make this a competition. The person who loses has to do whatever the winner wants for the rest of the day. Jerry, Eddie and Milton were grinning. Jack and Kim were notorious for their competitiveness. This would be hilarious. Get ready to spend the whole day carrying my shopping bags Jack!