Justin timberlake and britney spears dating history

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake: A Complete History | New Idea Magazine

justin timberlake and britney spears dating history

Justin Timberlake dated Britney Spears - - March Justin and Britney have been friends since they were kids and Justin Timberlake Dating History. Now that Britney Spears is single again, we are reminiscing about her past loves -- including Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline. From to , Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were pop Britney and Justin had a high-profile relationship that people loved to.

I have to find miss right in order to have a relationship.

justin timberlake and britney spears dating history

There's got to be that big moment when she comes along. Some say that Halftime show was one of the greatest in recent Super Bowl memory, never to be replicated. Aerosmith, Nsync, Britney Spears 2.

Justin Timberlake

So in love Back in the day, Justin and Britney were the picture-perfect example of a couple in the throes of young love. They wore matchy-matchy sports jerseys inscribed with Stinky for him and Pinky for her which were their nicknames for each other. Britney, for her part, didn't mince words when she told Oprah Winfrey: The now famous denim date Justin and Britney's matching outfits are today's version of RelationshipGoals.

Justin and Britney's denim ensemble 4. Cry me a river After three loved-up years together, everyone was expecting Justin and Britney to get engaged. Inthe lovestruck duo had a photoshoot with Hello Magazine and Justin's family even joined in.

Alas, by the time Hello came out with the feature, the pair had already broken up. Friends said it all unraveled very suddenly. Rumours were rife that Justin hit the roof when he learned of Britney's infidelity from the very guy she had a fling with.

The meaning of the song says it all and the video even featured a girl in a sports cap, which was Britney's fashion trademark. You know that they say some things are better left unsaid It wasn't like you only talked to him and you know it don't act like you don't know it and all of these things people told me keep messin' with my head messing' with my head should've picked up honesty then you may not have blown it".

She wrote 'Everytime' in reply.

justin timberlake and britney spears dating history

The popstar worked on the song with her then backing vocalist Annet Artani who broke up with her boyfriend at the same time as Britney. It was released in and went as far as No.

There seems to be little prospect of that though as Justin is completely in love with his wife Jessica Biel and their son Silas.

Why Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake broke up

And after partying, you know, you really don't think about what you're doing. So it was one of those things that were really silly. I didn't quite know what I'm still figuring out myself and learning every day. But I think I'm more in a good place.

I like being alone, which is good I think. You know, I love reading books. I'm really a quiet kind of person right now.

Alyssa Milano On Ex-Boyfriend Justin Timberlake's Relationship With Britney Spears

And so it's cool to be back and feel like yourself again. In NovemberSpears filed for divorce. The rest is upside-down-world history. She spent about a month in rehab in early leaving and then returning when Federline said he'd raise custody issues if she didn't complete treatment. Her career comeback would take some time, but Spears made sure to focus on getting well enough to be with her boys again right away, and she and Federline eventually turned into amicable co-parents.

He has since had two more children with wife Victoria Prince and is now a father of six. Her plate is full, and the same with him. They were having fun together. There were there moments when I lost my way and was a bad boy, absolutely.

justin timberlake and britney spears dating history

You give year-old kid a hit song and too much money, and stuff happens. And then when you do something bad, it does go under a microscope. Thankfully, I am past that.

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Enough years have passed now that when I think back on it, it all seems pretty shocking. After the conservatorship was established, Spears' parents slapped Ghalib and her manager at the time, Sam Lutfi, with restraining ordersaccusing them of conspiring to undermine their authority by sneaking her a cell phone to communicate with them.

Lutfi sued Britney and her parents for defamation in and Ghalib was called to testify.

justin timberlake and britney spears dating history

Asked what it was like seeing Jamie and Lynne Spears in court, he told E! News"Not good. They got engaged in and Trawick at one point became a co-conservator of Spears' estate.

She continued to heal and return to form in the recording studio and on stage.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake: A complete history

But all the ties that bound were untied when the otherwise nondescript couple broke up in January The best thing for both of them was to say goodbye and move on," a source told E! Newsnoting the duo's "different goals. He would walk into the room and pick out the best girl.

He was very confident, but not cocky or anything. And he definitely was good to his friends. This guy was really cute! He is just a really fun, funny person.

justin timberlake and britney spears dating history

How sweet of him to have been available to travel with her! I've been through horrible relationships, but unfortunately I still believe in love.