Mr bates and anna age difference in dating

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mr bates and anna age difference in dating

Mr Bates is older I think, he served in a war with Lord Grantham and saved his life so he is likely only a little bit younger than him so he'd be in. At the beginning of the first season, the ages of the actor and . Anna and John Bates, played by Joanne Froggatt and Brendan Coyle. Brendan Coyle, who plays John Bates in Downton Abbey, banned of his wife Anna, was admitted himself to a Promis rehabilitation clinic on.

Infuriated, she still threatened to destroy her husband. Carlisle later announced his engagement to Mary in the papers without telling her, upsetting her father. Later on Carlisle considered purchasing Haxby Park for himself and Mary after the Russell family lost it. He asks Carson to work for him because of his love for Mary, but later when he asks Anna for information on Mary so he can please her, both Mary and Carson are upset.

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Carson decides not to go to Haxby, as he cannot work for a man he does not respect. After Matthew has been apparently crippled from the war, Carlisle and Cora brought back Lavinia after Matthew sent her away because he could never have children to avoid Mary becoming too attached to Matthew again. After Matthew recovered and renewed his and Lavinia's engagement, Carlisle was eager to set a date for himself and Mary to get married.

She said it would be after Matthew and Lavinia got married. Carlisle later returned when Spanish flu broke out in the house. Immediately Mary got suspicious when he mentioned Lavinia, realizing he was afraid Matthew might turn to her for comfort if Lavinia died.

What hasn't changed, of course, is the love between Mr. Bates and Anna, whose sad separation has thankfully been resolved in this episode.

mr bates and anna age difference in dating

Kick it up a notch! He eavesdrops in on a conversation between Anna and Mrs. Hughes where Anna reveals that she is not pregnant with a baby thank the lawd! An infuriated Bates corners Mrs. Hughes into telling him what exactly happened to Anna by threatening his resignation. Hughes ends up telling Bates about Anna's rape not because she's devastated at his potential resignation, but because she has been itching to tell him all along.

mr bates and anna age difference in dating

She recognizes that it is the only way to put both him and Anna out of their terrible and unnecessary misery. Of course, Hughes leaves out a crucial detail -- hiding that it was Mr.

Green, Lord Gillingham's valet, so that she can still somehow protect Anna from her imminent fear that Bates would murder him. A smart woman, that Hughes -- even if she did swear on her late mother's grave that she was telling the truth.

mr bates and anna age difference in dating

The central storyline still belongs to widowed Lady Mary as she edges towards the embrace of Tony Gillingham The vibrations were unsettling the villagers: Elsewhere, impoverished aristocrats could no longer afford to maintain their households: Meanwhile, Molesley was dyeing his hair a virulent shade of blue, Daisy was learning to do sums and the Dowager Countess Maggie Smith was exercising all her wiles to scupper the romance between Isobel Crawley and her grand admirer, Lord Merton.

But Downton is as much beloved for its clangers as its cut diamonds, and there were a few glaring errors to spy out.

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After the recent publicity shots of Lord Grantham and his younger daughter, Lady Edith, posing beside the drawing-room mantelpiece, with a plastic water bottle on display between the antique vases, you might almost wonder whether these mistakes are included on purpose. The Dowager Countess Maggie Smith, left was exercising all her wiles to scupper the romance between Isobel Crawley and her grand admirer, Lord Merton And now that Lord Fellowes has damped down the X-rated excesses of the previous series, Downton will win back many doubters.

mr bates and anna age difference in dating

Has the Earl been taking his wife too much for granted? Does Lady Rose have her saucy eye on her cousin by marriage, the ex-chauffeur Branson?

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And how much longer can the cat-like Thomas Barrow keep landing on his feet? He was on the verge of being dismissed again, before he rescued Lady Edith from a bedroom blaze. No one was hurt, but there were soot-smeared faces all round. One thing is sure: