Phoebe tonkin and leah pipes are they dating

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phoebe tonkin and leah pipes are they dating

The Originals is an American supernatural drama television series created by Julie Plec for The , how Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) was pregnant with Klaus' child. Having fled the city many years ago, they return to find Marcel ( Charles Michael season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, Prod. showdown with Dahlia (Claudia Black), what's next for Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and the Crescents and dating a vampire, but also his belief that maybe he should be Alpha. All of these story points collided in a way where the idea really seemed like it . Leah Pipes and Joseph Morgan are exquisite. Starring: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin. Available to watch on supported . There in the Disappearing Light. Klaus helps Hope cope with her.

Hayley and Elijah Daniel Gillies ended their tragic romance in Season 4, and when we pick back up with Hayley, she'll be making eyes at a new character named Declan Torrance Coombs. We can't rule out a Haylijah reconciliation before the end, but it's probably best to remain skeptical about any rekindling of romance between them. Luckily, Hayley will have bigger problems than her romantic woes in Season 5, given how involved she will have become in keeping the peace within the supernatural community of New Orleans during the time jump.

Caroline Forbes Candice King will cross over. Caroline's story may have ended on The Vampire Diariesbut she'll be getting an epilogue of sorts on The Originals this season.

phoebe tonkin and leah pipes are they dating

She'll appear in at least three episodesthe first being the premiere, which finds Caroline and Klaus in Europe. She'll be counseling him on how to be a better parent to Hope, and while there's no telling if sparks will fly between these two again, given their palpable chemistry it would almost be more surprising if something didn't go down.

Is There Hope for Hayley and Elijah? The last shot of Kol from Season 4 was of him purchasing a diamond engagement ring for Davina, so it should be no surprise that he'll be enjoying a whole lot of marital bliss when Season 5 opens.

phoebe tonkin and leah pipes are they dating

It's only a matter of time, however, before Mikaelson family drama interrupts that bliss and pulls him back into the supernatural turmoil of New Orleans. He may have followed Rebekah Claire Holt to New York City to try to make a go of their happily ever after, but Marcel's heart will always belong in part to New Orleans. Unfortunately, Rebekah's not exactly the type who likes to share, so that will be a point of contention between them in Season 5.

So, this idea of them having a happy ending, nobody really gets a happy ending.

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What you have to do is live through those beautiful moments as they come, and live in the now. I think they did have romance and love and beauty, and they got to a place that we all want to get to. And then, his life was taken from him, and Josh has to continue. And yet, he has confessed the truth to Cami, so now Cami knows the truth.

Now that Klaus has been put down, do the rest of the Original siblings think they can take on Dahlia without him? That is the million dollar question that everybody is struggling with.

If you ever doubt that Daniel Gillies is a world class actor, take another look at that shot and see everything that is playing on the expression on his face.

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It is chilling to me, what is going on. Freya and Klaus made the same ultimatum, throughout the episode. Is the similarity between them going to continue to be explored? But, both of them are smart enough to realize their similarities. That was something we explored in Episode If I am the product of Mikael, clearly she is the product of Dahlia.

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How can they possibly ever bridge that divide? Will there be more character deaths before the finale? This was the season of the parents coming back — Ansel, Esther in the body of Lenore, Mikael, and now Dahlia. It feels like, for our show to continue and for these children to grow up and become adults and the captains of their own fate, they have to deal with that threat of the first generation.

phoebe tonkin and leah pipes are they dating

So, there will be a showdown with Dahlia that will be definitive, and along the way, some people will not make it. What can we expect for Hayley and Jackson in the Bayou?

I think they are reeling with the loss of the guy who was, in effect, the vice president, the top lieutenant and the most trusted number two, and Hayley has to honor the very threat Klaus made, in his conversation with Cami.

How can we possibly trust the wolves to protect Hope, given what Klaus has done? And Hayley, as a leader, is going to have to work with Jackson to find a way to earn back that trust. Those wolves really need to be loyal to Hayley and Jackson and want to protect that baby because, as we saw in this episode, that person coming for that baby is not going to stop.

Are Davina and Rebekah still trying to find a way to resurrect Kol? But she will get one little ray of hope, of what she might be able to do. Because Marcel and Cami have been a little more sidelined with the recent direction of the story, what can we expect from them, coming up? That final scene was heartbreaking. Leah Pipes and Joseph Morgan are exquisite. We will see Cami in every episode, for the remainder of the season. If Marcel and Cami were sidelined, I think that it was our intention to really tell the story of the return of Kol, the return of Finn, the surprising revelation that this long-lost sister who we thought dead is actually not dead and is back, the story of Rebekah being in this new body, and the story of Dahlia returning for Hope, and all of those things feel very Mikaelson centric.

These are family issues. Klaus needs his connection with Cami because it provides him with a certain calm and solace. She is, in some ways, the one person who has been able to understand him and sympathize with him and show him the forgiveness that I think he craves, but can never admit. So, she is a very important figure not only to Klaus, but to this family, as we saw with her ability to help Elijah deal with his red door situation when they were staying in that safe house.

She will continue to be a big part of the show and a big part of the family, throughout this season and hopefully beyond.

phoebe tonkin and leah pipes are they dating