Power rangers andros and ashley dating

Ranger Romances Chapter 4: Cassie & Andro's romance for space, a power rangers fanfic | FanFiction

power rangers andros and ashley dating

A Get Together to Remember (A Power Rangers Fanfic) Andros!" Ashley leapt out of bed and ran down the hall toward what she thought would be an. Ashley Hammond is the love interest of Andros from Power Rangers in Space. However their spending time together resulted in Andros believing there was. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Ashley changed out of her uniform and into a pair of shorts, yellow spaghetti top and a white blouse. She grabbed her purse and walked to holding bay with a smile. Her expression turned confused when only Zhane was there.

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Ashley sat behind him, pressed flush against him, her arms tightly wrapped around his waist. The adrenaline rush was exciting and terrifying at the same time and she had a feeling Zhane was smirking at the tight hold she had on him.

power rangers andros and ashley dating

As long as it feels like that, this is doomed to fail. Or just stay in Angel Grove for a date? Ashley followed him and they walked side by side down the street in silence. After a few minutes she reached out and caught his hand.

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He looked at her surprised for a moment, but then smiled and twined their fingers together. The air grew saltier, indicating they were moving closer to the ocean.

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Soon sounds drifted on the wind towards them. Ashley gasped when they turned the last corner and she was overwhelmed by a show of lights and sounds. An hour later they were sharing a pizza, staring out over the ocean. Zhane had an arm lightly resting around her waist and Ashley was leaning against him some.

Ashley wiped at her cheek and Zhane laughed.

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A mischievous grin spread over her face when she spotted a game and tug into her purse for some money. Zhane matched her grin and nodded. Her eyes light up and pointed.

They got in line and when it was their turn to board, Ashley gave the attendant a puppy dog look. Wild Force Andros spying on the Machine Empire. Morphing one last time. Andros then began tracking down the remnants of the Machine Empire and Serpentera. He brings along with him Alpha 7 a rebuilt version of alpha 5 and a new Megaship the astromegaship mark 2, although it is unknown if this ship can turn into an Astro Megazord and if Alpha 6 is still on mirinoi with the galaxy rangers.

power rangers andros and ashley dating

Legacy of Power Andros was featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangerswhich was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab.

Legendary Battle Personality Andros is an unsociable loner, preferring to do things by himself. His time alone in space, his loss over his sister and parents, and his difficulty to understand Earth culture had made him distant from other people and can lead him into difficult situations due to his inability to tell good people from bad.

Despite accepting help from other people, he may resent the need to do so at times. Overtime, after being part of a team with his fellow Space Rangers, he became more social and learned to rely on his friends in difficult situations. The only thing he works alone on afterwards is spying and recon, something only he is skilled at. Despite these potential flaws, Andros is a brave and kind-hearted hero who, more often than not, puts other people's needs before his own.

He is always willing to sacrifice his life to save millions of people from the forces of evil. Powers and Abilities Telekinesis: Andros often moves objects with his mind, just as his friend Zhane.

power rangers andros and ashley dating

For a few minutes they just sat there smiling and giggling and then Ashley started to tease Cassie. That night before bed Andros showed up at Cassie's door with a surprise for her, he had went to earth and got her a stuffed bear.

power rangers andros and ashley dating

She gave him a hug and a kiss goodnight and told him she's see him in the morning. After Andros had left to go to his room she took the bed and got into her bed and cuddled with it thinking about Andros and how happy he makes her. She thought about how much she loves spending time with him and loves seeing him and talking to him.

power rangers andros and ashley dating

And while thinking about him she started to fall asleep and was happy and in love. For the next couple of weeks Cassie and Andros spent a lot of time together and we happy. Everytime the other rangers saw them when they weren't fighting monsters they were kissing or hugging or cuddling.

The rangers were happy that no matter how much time they have to spend fighting monsters they were glad that fighting monsters didn't get in the way of their friends relationship. One time when Cassie and Andros went to earth to have a date Ashley, T. J, Carlos, and Zhane all sat in the control room with popcorn watching the couple on their date.

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Cassie and Andros didn't even know their friends were watching when they were on their date holding hands while walking through the park. Cassie and Andros leaned in and kissed and while they were kissing they heard clapping and yelling coming from their communicators and knew that their friends have been spying on them again.

They pretended that they didn't hear anything that way they can enjoy their date. As they were walking through the park there was a bush with flowers on it, Andros saw Cassie looking at them so he let go of her hand and ran over to the bush and pulled a flower off. He ran back to her and he brushed some of her hair back and placed the flowers above her ear and leaned in and kissed her. When no one was around they decided to go back to the ship they made sure they were alone and teleported there.

J agreed "How did you know? Months went by and the space rangers were now living normal lives again. The rangers were living on earth working and going to school and being normal. Cassie and Andros were still together and as happy as can be. Ashley and Carlos finally started dating, T.