Riccardo and yulia dating

Ballroom Dance Gossip: Officially the best: Yulia and Riccardo are now the World Champions!

riccardo and yulia dating

Slavik Kryklyvyy has the reputation for dating and losing his dance partners. The latest .. The rumour is that Riccardo and Yulia are dating. Sorry, not strictly a Strictly topic, but definitely dance .. Having won pro Latin at Blackpool last week, Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia went to. lucky for you, we have two of the greatest experts in the world in this interview, 3x World Champs Riccardo and Yulia, to generously pull back.

Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko Pasodoble at 2017 Washington Open

Do you still keep taking lessons from him? Thanks to him I know a lot of knowledge about Latin American! Now the situation is different, my girl friend is Shirley Ballas and I cannot call her coach but she is also a great teacher and of course the time that we spend together it is also in dancing!

Let's say at the moment other people helping us with the developments and one of them it is my girlfriend! One more thing - Yulia's boyfriend also helping us with the choreography, he is one of the best in the world for it! You have had great achievements with both the previous partner Joanne Wilkinson and the current partner Yulia Zagorouitchenko. How did you team up with them and why did you stop dancing with Joanne?

When I was dancing with Joanne, we had one coach at that time and was Espen ….

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With Yulia the situation was completely different…. She is a great dancer even without me, dancing with her it is one of the most pleasure in life….

riccardo and yulia dating

But before to dance with Yulia I did couple of shows with Shirley and I am telling you it is not easy to dance with such a great and powerful dancer like that! Returning to his country, Cocchi continued to study with Espen Salbergbeing with a new partner.

It was the moment when Ricardo completely switched to Latin. Among the famous teachers of the dance couple was Hans Galke and Shirley Ballas. Athletes actively develops and participates in all major competitions of the world. The most exciting and memorable for Ricardo was Blackpool.

riccardo and yulia dating

Starting in June with 28 seats, on May 30, the creative union reached the top of the standings. By the way, the victory in the Chinese city of Kunshan was completed by dancers in this category. Professional After the results shown, Ricardo turns into " Professional ", staying in couple with Joan Wilkinson. The first access to the floor in the new status took place on January 19, in Bournemouth England on the "UK Open".

The performance brought bronze.

riccardo and yulia dating

Their highest achievement was the victory at the competitions in International Style Latinwhich took place in America. Despite the successful joint work, by the end of the couple decided to split because of the age of the partner. In his interviews, Ricardo remembers Joan as a beautiful person and, undoubtedly, a professional dancer, saying that without her he would hardly have reached such heights, for which he is immensely grateful.

New Beginning After that Ricardo did not perform for the year.

Riccardo Cocchi

He shares that during this period he even managed to make two small shows, together with Shirley Ballasbut exclusively for pleasure, and not presentation to the public. Inin October, Riccardo Cocchi receives an offer to start a partnership with Yulia Zagoruychenko.

At that time, Yulia was considered one of the best dancers in the Latin American program. One of the creators of this couple was Shirley Ballaswith whom the dancers later continued their studies.


As well as with Espen Salberg. Riccardo Cocchi appreciates him very much, and even calls him "strict father" in his interviews, who wants only the best. The dancer believes that he helped to achieve success and become the only World Champion from Italy.

riccardo and yulia dating

Therefore, moving to the US, there was a good moral support. Almost immediately it was possible to see the result of the partnership with Yulia - it was the debut 3 place in " International Championships " in England.

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This achievement of the couple does not give the competitors a few years, leaving it in their hands for several years. Another important event for the dancer was Blackpoolwhere the couple won Samba and Jive at the Blackpool and in have won Blackpool Dance Festival.

riccardo and yulia dating

In addition to active participation in the competitive process, Ricardo and Julia successfully competing, currently they are 8 times World Professional Latin Championsrepresent show programs around the world.