Romeo and juliet leonard whiting olivia hussey dating

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romeo and juliet leonard whiting olivia hussey dating

I just finished watching the classic film Romeo and Juliet directed by out that Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting apparently dated and were. Olivia Hussey (born Olivia Osuna; 17 April ) is an Argentine-British actress. After appearing in theatre in London, Hussey was chosen to play the role of Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli's film version of Romeo and Juliet. . Hussey and Leonard Whiting reunited as on-screen partners in the film Social Suicide (), the. Romeo and Juliet is a British-Italian romantic drama film based on the play of the same name, written – by famed English playwright / author William Shakespeare (–). The film was directed and co-written by Franco Zeffirelli, and stars Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. it the last Shakespearean film to be nominated for Best Picture to date.

romeo and juliet leonard whiting olivia hussey dating

Despite being visibly topless in the epic drama, Hussey said she felt at ease on set. In America, it was very taboo. But in Europe a lot of the films had nudity.

romeo and juliet leonard whiting olivia hussey dating

Nobody really thought much of it. But it was just the fact that I was 16 that got a lot of publicity… The large crew we worked with was whittled down to only the very basic people, a handful of people. It was a closed set But soon after they began dating inhe allegedly started physically and emotionally abusing her.

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I was in love. Nobody told me that until the first time he hit me… We were just talking and then he suddenly leaned over and punched me. But he was not mentally well.

romeo and juliet leonard whiting olivia hussey dating

So it was actually a very safe house. The star claimed that Jones showed up one night unexpectedly. She alleged Jones then brutally attacked and raped her.

I just did not want to read my book out loud.

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There were certain events that were extremely traumatizing to me in my life. They married in and had one son Alex, now I started to fall in love with him after that whole tragedy That night, two teenagers of the two families — Romeo and Juliet — meet at a Capulet masked ball and become deeply infatuated.

Later, Romeo stumbles into the secluded garden under Juliet's bedroom balcony and the two exchange impassioned pledges. They are secretly married the next day by Romeo's confessor and father figure, Friar Laurencewith the assistance of Juliet's nursemaid. That afternoon, Juliet's first cousin Tybaltfurious that Romeo had attended his family's ball, insults him and challenges him to a brawl.

romeo and juliet leonard whiting olivia hussey dating

Romeo regards Tybalt as family and he refuses to fight him, which leads Romeo's best friend, Mercutioto fight Tybalt instead. Despite Romeo's efforts to stop the fight, Tybalt badly wounds Mercutio, who curses both the Montague and Capulet houses before dying.

Enraged over his friend's death, Romeo retaliates by fighting Tybalt and killing him.

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Romeo is subsequently punished by the Prince with banishment from Verona, with the threat of death if he ever returns. Romeo, however, sees his banishment as worse than the death penalty, as Verona is the only home he has known and he does not want to be separated from Juliet.

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Friar Laurence eventually convinces Romeo that he is very lucky and that he should be more thankful for what he has. Romeo then secretly spends his wedding night together with Juliet and the couple consummate their marriage before Romeo flees.

Juliet's father and mother, unaware of their daughter's secret marriage, have arranged for Juliet to marry wealthy Count Paris.