Simpsons mypods and boomsticks online dating

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simpsons mypods and boomsticks online dating

The Simpsons (–) MyPods and Boomsticks Poster . Release Date: Marge Simpson: Remember our deal: we each get to return one Christmas gift. "The Simpsons" MyPods and Boomsticks (TV Episode ) Connections on IMDb: Referenced in, Featured in, Spoofed and more. Bart makes friends with a Muslim boy named Bashir and his family, but Homer fears the family may be terrorists because of their religion. Meanwhile, Lisa is.

simpsons mypods and boomsticks online dating

He hacks into the family's laptop and discovers a diagram of demolition plans for the Springfield Mall. Homer rushes to the mall to warn the shoppers and sees Bart standing near a detonator with Bashir and his father; he attempts to save the day by throwing the dynamite in the river. It actually turns out that the old mall was slated for destruction.

Realizing his mistake, Homer apologizes, and the Simpson family throws a "Pardon My Intolerance" party for Bashir's family.

simpsons mypods and boomsticks online dating

She goes to Mapple's undersea headquarters and begs Steve Mobbs to consider a reduced payment plan. Mobbs offers Lisa a job at Mapple to help with her bill. Much to her chagrin, the job is standing on a street corner dressed as a MyPod, handing out Mapple pamphlets and telling people to " Think Differently ". Cultural references[ edit ] The episode features parodies of Apple Inc. Later episodes of the show also feature a MyPad, a reference to the iPad.

The Simpsons regular Dan Castellaneta does the voice of the Genie in this episode. Robert Canning of IGN praised the episode; as a whole, he called the episode funny and strong and "gave the now familiar 'suspected terrorist' plot a Simpsons twist," but called the remainder of the Mapple storyline less impressive.

Nelson and Lisa in the future

ClubSteve Heisler gave the episode a C. He found the themes of Apple and Islamophobia to be dated, and was perplexed why all names relating to Apple were slightly changed but not references to other brands.

However, this was the first to have a plot involving Islam.

simpsons mypods and boomsticks online dating

Religion writer Mark I. Unfortunately, Homer 's paranoia gets the better of himself and he ends up offending Bashir and his parents. Homer goes over to the bin Laden home to apologize, but his paranoia strikes again when he observes Bashir's father with sticks of TNT and thinks he is going to blow up Springfield Mall.

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Meanwhile, Lisa gets a Mapple MyPod - and a bill for over downloaded songs at 99 cents each. Full Story It is Boxing Day, and the workers of Springfield Mall are busy destroying all traces of the recent holiday. Marge observes, "They sure give the Christmas spirit the bum's rush around here". The Simpson family are in the mall to return fifteen-month kitten calendars that Bart gave as presents to everyone. Lisa notices a Mapple Store and the Simpsons go in.

However, she sees Krusty with a MyPodcomplaining that he cannot watch movies on such a small screen and griping about the selection of music. Disgusted with the MyPod, Krusty gives it to Lisa, which makes her very happy. Furthermore, he tell the customer that he invests the profits in Microsoftand he and his partner Bill Gates kiss each other on a pile of their money.

The Mapple Store customers and employees are shocked at this, but an angry Lisa tells them that Bart was playing a prank on them the entire time.

simpsons mypods and boomsticks online dating

The outraged Mapple employees advance on Bart, but he flees from the store and gets away. Then he smells something good and goes to check it out: Bashir offers Bart a bite of lamb, which Bart enjoys, and the two become fast friends.


The next morning, Bart and Bashir walk to school together, and Bart tells Bashir all of the important information about Springfield Elementary Schoolincluding the popular nicknames for Principal Skinner and Groundskeeper Willieand that the only sure-fire safe food in the cafeteria is pork chops.

At the last fact, Bashir tells Bart that his religion forbids him from eating pork, and Bart warns Bashir not to let the bullies find out that he practices a different religion. Unfortunately, the bullies overhear that part of the conversation and surround Bashir. When Bashir says he is Muslimthe bullies prepare to beat him up. Bart prevents them and tells the trio that they all have different religions: Dolph and Jimbo start beating up Kearney, and with the bullies now distracted, Bart and Bashir get away.

When school is over, Bashir and Bart walk home, and Bashir meets Homer when he goes back to the Simpson home to return Bart's slingshot. Homer is impressed with Bashir's thoughtfulness and politeness, as he calls Homer "Sir.

Homer told his friends at Moe's that he is great, but Moe warns him about Bashir and his family because they might be terrorists. Homer doesn't believe him, until he showed him a clip from 24 which the easily suggestible Homer takes as face value. Homer invited them to a dinner and he was about to kill them by a poison American Flag cake, but he can't because he want Lenny to see it, but he said he got soap in his eyes and his mom say they have to go.