Stokes and smiley an introduction to tree ring dating

- An Introduction to Tree-Ring Dating by Marvin A, And Smiley, Terah L Stokes

stokes and smiley an introduction to tree ring dating

The annual rings of many tree species can be used to date old buildings and dendrochronological methods (Stokes & Smiley , Baillie ). . STOKES, M. A. and T. L. SMILEY (), An Introduction to Tree-Ring Dating, University of . Author, Stokes, Marvin A. Title, An introduction to tree-ring dating / Marvin A. Stokes and Terah L. Smiley. OCLC, ISBN, (acid-free paper). The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (LTRR) at the University of Arizona has a good introduction to tree-ring dating. The Tree Ring Lab (TRL) at the pp. Stokes, M.A.; Smiley, T.L. An Introduction to Tree-Ring Dating: University of .

stokes and smiley an introduction to tree ring dating

These steps must be completed through the term to make adequate progress on your project. Turn in hard-copy versions of each of these: Initial project idea, due April 16th.

This should be a note that contains a question that you wish to address in your project i. First, a good question is succinct and addresses a process, not just a simple fact.

When was the last wild-land fire at Mount Buford?

Geog Dendrochronology (Tree-ring analysis); Course Syllabus

Did the decline of fire at Mount Buford coincide with increasing Euro-American settlement or with earlier decline of Native American populations? Second, a good question is not so broad it is unanswerable.

The previous question is answerable, but likely too difficult for a week period as good data for that particular question are elusive. Many good, workable, questions involve forest dynamics, including canopy gap dynamics. I won't list any here to leave the full spectrum of possible topics untouched! Also, include a few sentences on where sampling will occur and sample size. I will provide feedback within a few days. Final project idea, due Apr 28th. However, also include a few sentences on how the data will be analyzed.

stokes and smiley an introduction to tree ring dating

I will again provide feedback. You should obtain permission from landowners or managers for coring and obtain cores as soon as possible. Project data summaries, due May 21st. Any other ancillary information would be appreciated.

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You will also be responsible for obtaining access and permission for working on the lands you wish to sample. Gavin will have some suggestions on where to begin. During lecture please be respectful of everyone's learning experience.

No talking amongst each other. Please leave your social conversations for outside the classroom. However, questions during lectures are encouraged.

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  • An Introduction to Tree-Ring Dating

If you have a question, raise your hand or catch me after class. Please don't leave in the middle of lecture. It is distracting for many people, including me.

An introduction to tree-ring dating - Marvin A. Stokes, Terah Leroy Smiley - Google Livres

If you need to leave, then let me know before the lecture starts, then sit near an exit. Do not have your laptop open to surf the web.

stokes and smiley an introduction to tree ring dating

Note-taking on laptops is OK. Cheating, such as copying material from other students on tests, will result in failing the test at a minimum and I will pass the information on to the Dean of Students. In serious cases, you will flunk the class or be expelled from the university.

Tree-ring Studies at Centralia College

The Centralia College dendrochronology lab for undergraduate instruction and research is fully equiped for doing tree-ring research. The lab equipment can support a full range of dendrochronology activities including sample collection from both living and subfossil trees, sample preparation, and tree-ring analysis.

The equipment includes more than 25 increment borers 16—32 insaws of various kinds including handsaws and wiresaws for field collection of subfossil wood, and a Grizzly bandsaw for processing larger speciment. The tree-ring lab contains all the necessary equipment for mounting and polishing speciments including three belt sanders, a full collection of abrasive papers as fine as 2, grit as well as a supply of steel wool; glue, clamps, and tape.

An Epson 10,XL scanner allows scientific measurements to 0. A smaller Epson is also available for scanning polished speciments.

stokes and smiley an introduction to tree ring dating

The Velmex measuring stage has a Unislide mechanism, a linear encoder, and a digital readout. We have 9 stereomicroscopes, seven of which are Fisher trinocular stereozoom scopes. One of the trinocular scopes is mounted on a large boom stand for measuring of large samples.

stokes and smiley an introduction to tree ring dating

We have two microscope-adapted digital video cameras as well as miscellaneous field equipment including measuring tapes, compasses, and gps units 2. Computer and technology capabilities: The lab has five Dell computers, three of which are connected to 4 Tb external hard disks for plenty of storage space; one computer is connected the campus weather station, a Davis VistaPro2, and to an HP Designjet Printer plotter capable of making posters as wide as 48 in.