Anti aging cream taglines for dating

Boots launches 'better than botox' anti-wrinkle serum by No7 | Daily Mail Online

anti aging cream taglines for dating

Speaking in terms of expiration, I, a woman much closer in age to 50 than 30, am very millennial-looking painted bottles with inspirational quotes on them. is skin care, you're selling anti-aging to the unaged,” Summers writes. SK-II never mentions its products at all but it is essentially planting a seed. And so it's goodbye to the words “anti-ageing” and not a moment too soon. For years the term was an essential tagline on magazine cover-lines. An older woman, who, let's face it, was probably already using anti-ageing creams in a woman's worth is in her looks, which ultimately have an expiry date. This week, Boots launched its latest £38 anti-wrinkle serum, claiming it could wipe five years off your face. Is the new 'miracle' cream better than.

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anti aging cream taglines for dating

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anti aging cream taglines for dating

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