Waihiga mwaura and joyce omondi dating site

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waihiga mwaura and joyce omondi dating site

Waihiga Mwaura and Joyce Omondi tied the knot at the classy Sawela Lodge in he must be visit this web page and be up to date every day. Gospel singer and wife of Citizen TV news anchor Wahiga Mwaura has landed Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura. image(21)(1) Joyce Omondi with hubby Waihiga Mwaura from the limelight leaving Kenyans guessing whom the artiste is married to or dating. . The photo was taken after a church service. I wonder why people consider a lass' skin colour before dating her. Despite skin girls. Check them out: Waihiga Mwaura And Joyce Omondi.

Brenda Wairimu is a popular actress while Juliani on the other side is a popular spoken word artist.

waihiga mwaura and joyce omondi dating site

The couple has also been together through thick and thin and are there to stay! Mid last year, the couple was featured on the June issue of True Love magazine that saw the revelation of quite a lot about their romantic love story.

waihiga mwaura and joyce omondi dating site

Photo of couple below It was in that issue that the couple revealed more about their love details. Lulu however interjected the story to prevent Rashid from disclosing more of their private affairs. The couple claim to have met first at work while working at Radio Salaam. Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari These two sweethearts are undoubtedly the hottest celebrity couple in this list and have been the talk of the town ever since they tied the nuptial knot in an exclusive wedding sometime last year.

The two later went on a honey moon vacation to Mauritius where they spent a month doing nothing. Photo of couple below However, I can describe Dennis Okari as an emotionally unstable guy, why? The couple however fits to be in this list of the top hottest Kenyan celebrity couples. Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura How could they miss to be in the top hottest Kenyan celebrity couples?

Photo of couple below Last year, Trending Post did an exclusive article revealing the main reason why Linet Muraya alias Size 8 switched from singing secular music to the gospel industry. And we mentioned that Size 8 wedded Dj Mo immediately after switching to gospel. We have not known the couple for long though but it happens that they made it to the top 10 hottest celebrity couples in In Njaanuary, however, the Churchill Show comedian and his girlfriend decided to take their relationship to the next level.

I DO!! : Waihiga Mwaura Weds Joyce Omondi At A Colorful Wedding Ceremony [PICS]

Early last month, Vinny Chipukeezy popped the three magic words to her long term girlfriend, Vivian Mandera during her birthday. The two are set to tie the knot sooner or later. Photo of couple below This celebrity couple is the current sensation in town as photos of them getting intimate are doing rounds on social media and spreading like wild fire.

Her voice on radio used to send me chills and these days it's even better because I get to watch her on television and at events. Overall she has an amazing personality and I love that about her. I love her African curves and whenever she presents on television, there is this aura around her that simply takes me away.

The fact that she has twins proves that she is a responsible lady which makes it even better.

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I can't help thinking about her. He dreams that they can both have a romantic and exciting time somewhere in the wild. This girl has the hottest look I know. She also has an awesome killer voice," he says. He admits that he likes Caroline Mutoko a lot and knowing so well that she has been around the world, his would be to pull something different. I think she has been to all the fine places so I would like to take her to my old neighbourhood Zimmerman and visit a children's home and introduce her to my boys as well," he remarks of his crush.

Vanessa Mdee, ideal date "She is the type of girl I want to hang out on an island with, sea food everywhere, roses in all our rooms and she has to swing of her hula hoop swing set for me. Kaka Sungura wants Passaris for a date Given a chance, celebrated singer and businessman Kaka Sungura would take Esther Passaris on a road trip.

He says she is a lady of class; good looking, focused and simply the boss. He talks about this would-be date: I respect her hustle.

Aaaw! Waihiga Mwaura and Joyce Omondi PDA as they celebrate wedding anniversary

I would take her for a road trip to a destination of her choice I imagine all that fantasy. Can you imagine a drive on this open roof car with the wind blowing her hair," he fantasises. Courtesy Kagwe too wants Tracy Now with all the girls in town hitting on singing hunk Kagwe, he too has been having his eyes firm on the Teen Republik host Tracy. Sophisticated as he is, Kagwe wants to make this date as simple as can be.

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He wants to take Tracy out for 'nyama choma'. Njeri goes for Bien of Sauti Sol "I would hang out with him in the studio, probably play him my new music and jam with him given a chance. I think that would be too cool," she says of the man who melts her heart.

We would also enjoy a boat ride. She is such a good mentor and mother," says Blessed Jo. J Something is quite something After finally admitting that he is married last year, J Something of Micasa still has one of Nairobi's finest stars wishing for a date with him.

waihiga mwaura and joyce omondi dating site

Jalas goes fictional over Kerry Washington Celebrated radio host Jalas would cross the seven seas for this fictional character Olivia Pope Kerry Washingtonbring her back to Kenya and take her to Kisumu to meet his parents and enjoy some fish around Lake Victoria.

She has it all put together from having a great personality, a focus in life and a great career. She is also humble and given a chance I would offer her a deserved exotic holiday to the Greece" Raj: Victoria Kimani is sexy This might come out as rather obvious but this star from Kisii has at least opened his heart about what he thinks of Kenyans foremost singing diva Victoria Kimani, his crush.