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Slave Marriages | The Hairston Story

dag ki njch yahoo dating

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Keep in mind the accounts were based on memory and about 72 years had passed since they had had that experience. Of the broader list of slave narratives accounts this list only includes interesting accounts from those who shared their stories about their experience many could not remember the various things that had happened to them and some did not want to give their experience on various subjects.

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If a man married up wid somebody on another place, he had to git a pass from his Marster, so as he could go see his wife evvy Wednesday and Sadday nights. If a man wanted to marry he merely pointed out the woman of his choice to the master.

He in turn called her and told her that such and such an individual wished her for a wife. If she agreed they were pronounced man and wife and were permitted to live together.

The couple was then questioned and, if they consented, were married without the benefit of clergy. I had no time for sich foolishness. You would pop the question to boss man to see if he was willing for you to marry de gal. There was no minister or boss man to marry you—no limitations at all.

Boss man would jes say: There were large trees, and often in the evenings the boys from other plantations would come over to see the girls on the Willis plantation. They would stand in groups around the trees, laughing and talking. If the courtship reached the point of marriage a real marriage ceremony was performed from the Bible and the man was given a pass to visit his wife weekly.

Following a marriage a frolic took place and the mistress saw to it that everyone was served nice foods for the occasion. When the selection was made, the master read the ceremony and gave the couple a home. He always requested, or rather demanded, that they be fruitful.

dag ki njch yahoo dating

A barren woman was separated from her husband and usually sold. After the consent of the girl was obtained, it was necessary to seek permission from the master, whether she lived on the same or an adjoining plantation.

dag ki njch yahoo dating

In the latter case, the marriage rites were performed by her master. The minister was not used in most instances—the ceremony [HW: Marriages were nearly always performed out of doors in the late afternoon. Attendants at marriages were rare. After the ceremony, the guests danced far into the night by music from the fiddle and banjo. Refreshments consisting of ginger cakes, barbecue, etc.

Such a couple, belonging to two different masters, did not keep house. All marriage unions were permanent and a barren wife was considered the only real cause for separation. Dey hold right hands and de preacher ax de man: After the man told the master about the woman of his choice and she had been called and had agreed to the plan, all that was necessary was for the couple to join hands and jump over a broom which had been placed on the ground.

They would not sell a slave no matter what happened, so when Barbara and Franklin wanted to marry they had the consent of their owners and settled down on the Booker plantation where Barbara continued her work and Franklin spending all his spare time with her, although he belonged to the Greshams and kept up his work for them.

He had a pass to go and come as he pleased. After securing the consent of both owners the rest of the ceremony consisted only in having the couple jump the broom. In the event, the bride and groom lived on separate plantations the groom was given a pass to visit her on week ends, beginning Saturday afternoon and ending Sunday evening. Often neither owner would sell their slave to the other, in which case it was necessary for the husband to be given a pass in order to visit his wife.

Us wuz all married by a white preacher, just lak white folks.

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If both agreed, the marriage was set for the following Saturday night. All marriages usually took place on Saturday nights.

The master of the bridegroom would then pick a straw broom or a pole and give two slaves the job of holding the ends of it. To be devilish they often held the stick too high and would not lower it until the master asked them to. After the bridegroom made the jump over the stick, the knot of matrimony was considered tied. Without any more ceremony the bride became his legal wife.

Kya Aapki Kismat main Dhan Yog Hai - Know is Dhanyog in Your Destined or Not - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

If it so happened that the bride and groom lived on different plantations the groom would be given two passes a week, one to visit her on Wednesday nights and another which permitted him to remain over the weekend, from Saturday until Monday morning. Isht favored dev ki puja kare mata pita ki seva kare and some have patients. Bhagya rekha majboot hone par bachcha saal ke bich apni property bana lega Jin logo ki shukra parvat se rekha e nikal kar chandra parvat tak aaye to aise logo ko 24 saal ki umar se hi dhan milna shuru ho jayega.

Hatheli main jyada rekha hone par apne vicharo se ulza rehta hai iskya ye matlab nahi ke aapke paas kam dhan hoga. Aise bachcho ko khud se sangarsh karna padta hai What to do if you don't have Destiny Line bhagya rekha na hone par kya kare? Budh ki ungli or parvat achi sithiti position main hone par dhan aata hai. Shani Saturn ka parvat agar utha huwa hone par bhi vyakti khu b paisa kamate hai.

Jivan rekha Life Line bruhaspati Jupiter ke parvat tak aa rahi ho to koi bhi difficult condition main khub dhan kamayega. Bhagya rekha hone par kam mehnat pe paisa kama leta hai. Bhagya rekha par box ban na achi bat hai triangle bane to bohot paisa ata hai. Bruhaspati parvat pe triangle ho to bohot paisa aeyga. Surya parvat par do rekha ho sath hi ek rekha lambi ho to bohot dhan ayega after 25 years of age.