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She did not want her family name to be used. In the waiting room outside the courtroom, there were a dozen other stories of young, mostly black boys who'd fallen through the cracks in favelas, the names for Brazil's barely-regulated poor neighborhoods, which range from shanty towns to long-established working class communities. Often too dangerous for police to enter except in military-style operations, favelas are places where children and teens are thrust into the frontline between ruthless drug traffickers and the heavy-handed law enforcement.

Lining up before the judge were youngsters accused of everything from possessing marijuana to mugging in the rich tourist zones and armed car theft. Eight adolescents were accused in the murders of two other kids in a detention center, hanging them with bed sheets.

Rio's poorest teens caught between traffickers and the law

Among the public was the grandmother of one of the accused, a woman in her eighties who appeared confused by the proceedings and then almost fainted as she left. Official figures from recorded that 1. Sixty percent of young detainees are black, 66 percent are very poor, and more than half do not go to school and come from broken families, according to a study by the Instituto de Investigacion Economica Aplicada IPEA.

Of those detained in41 percent were accused of drug dealing, 37 percent of robbery and mugging, 19 percent of causing bodily harm, and just under four percent of murder, said Degase, the correctional department for minors.

Many have fallen prey to the drug traffickers' promise of quick money.


Dealers like to use children because even if they are convicted, the maximum prison sentence applied to year olds is three years. One of those locked up, asking not to be identified, said he had left home at 14 and begun to "shoot" for the dreaded Comando Vermelho, or Red Command, which is Rio's biggest drug gang. Now just turned 18, he was at the juvenile court on charges of having stolen a car in the violent Rio suburb of Duque de Caxias.

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