Project x based on a true story yahoo dating

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project x based on a true story yahoo dating

it actually is, a few years ago a kid in australia threw a massive banger resulting in thousands of dollars in damage through his neighborhood. But while there's no doubt that "Project X" is poised to become a hit, there film based on the true story of Australian party icon Corey Delaney?. Yahoo! Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) website or a knowledge market from Yahoo!, that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. Contents. 1 History; 2 Site operation; 3 Level table; 4 Badges Points and levels have no real world value, cannot be traded, and serve only.

A study found that Yahoo!

project x based on a true story yahoo dating

Answers is suboptimal for questions requiring factual answers and that the quality decreases as the number of users increases. Answers provides, particularly the persistence of inaccuracies, the inability to correct them, and a point structure that rewards participation more readily than accuracy, all indicate that the site is oriented towards encouraging use of the site, not offering accurate answers to questions.

Answers itself indicate that Yahoo!

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Answers attracts a large number of trolls. The site does not have a system that filters the correct answers from the incorrect answers. Answers, once the "best answer" was chosen, there was no way to add more answers nor to improve or challenge the best answer chosen by the question asker; there is a display of thumbs down or thumbs up for each answer, but viewers cannot vote. In Aprilthis was changed to allow for additional answers after a best answer is chosen, but the best answer can never be changed.

Also, while "best answers" can be briefly commented upon, the comment is not visible by default and is hence hardly read.

Was project x based on a true story?

If the best answer chosen is wrong or contains problematic information, the only chance to give a better or correct answer will be the next time the same question is asked. The older answer will likely get higher priority in search engines.

project x based on a true story yahoo dating

Any new answer will most probably not be seen by any original questioner. Answers mascot is a cartoon hamster called Yamster. After buying party supplies, the boys go to buy marijuana from drug-dealer T-Rick.

Costa steals his lawn gnome to use as a party mascot.

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As they leave, T-Rick discovers the theft and chases after them but they escape in Thomas' mini-van. As night falls, the party's start time passes but no one turns up and Thomas worries that the party will fail. Suddenly, partygoers arrive en masse. Thomas intends to limit the party to the backyard and pool house with the house guarded by Everett and Tyler, two young security guards hired by Costa.

project x based on a true story yahoo dating

However, more and more people begin to arrive and the party moves beyond their control and into the house. Thomas questions Costa on how he advertised the party, forcing him to confess that he put ads on Craigslist and on a local radio station, worried that no one would attend.

Things escalate quickly and the police arrive, responding to a noise complaint. The partygoers remain silent, convincing the officers that the party has already ended. The police leave and the party resumes.

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T-Rick's gnome is smashed, revealing that it contains a large amount of ecstasy tablets, which are quickly consumed by the partygoers, including Thomas and his friends.

Thomas kisses Kirby and reveals that he loves her. Alexis meanwhile flirts with Thomas throughout the night and eventually seduces him. Kirby walks in on the pair as they are about to have sex and leaves the party upset. The noise and chaos of the party, which has now spilled into the surrounding neighborhood, receives televised news coverage with helicopters flying over the house.

A dwarf guest drives Thomas' dad's Mercedes into the pool after being put into an oven by other partygoers earlier. The police return in force but are overwhelmed and repelled by the guests.

project x based on a true story yahoo dating

They decide to let the party end naturally before moving in. T-Rick arrives armed with a flamethrower, setting fire to the trees and cars in search of Costa and in an attempt to reclaim his gnome, forcing the guests to flee and the party to end. The police shoot his flamethrower pack and it explodes.

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By morning, the boys return to their respective homes to discover what punishment awaits them. After his parents return, Thomas' father commends him for managing to throw the party because he thought he was a loser, but he uses Thomas' college fund to pay for the damages. At school, the boys are cheered by the students and Thomas reconciles romantically with Kirby.

project x based on a true story yahoo dating